Force Apparel is designed to maximize your potential.  Whether you're a professional athlete looking to improve your speed, power and endurance, or simply want to improve your overall fitness Force apparel will help you get there.  

Force's introductory product line, Morphlex, combines performance fabric with custom resistance bands that are strategically placed to resist your natural biomechanics.  This innovative, patent pending design provides smooth, even resistance to your natural way of moving without making you significantly heavier, altering your center of mass, or restricting your full range of motion.

By wearing Morphlex you'll burn more calories, build muscle, and lose fat.

Adjustable straps at the wrists and ankles enable you to vary the amount of resistance you experience in the arms and legs.  For maximum resistance secure the straps as far down your limbs as possible...if you begin to fatigue decrease the resistance amount or eliminate it entirely by releasing the straps.